Hi there! My name is Janishtha.

I’ve created this space to share with you, my journey with food, and how the choices we make on a daily basis affect our levels of prana – life force energy.

I share some great vegetarian and vegan recipes that are packed with flavours and goodness. I haven’t always been vegetarian, but in 2010, I decided to make some major life changes and choosing to be vegetarian was one of them. The question I was asked most often, by my friends and family members was, “…but what do vegetarians eat?!” So I set out on a quest to find the answer to that because I was determined to make this lifestyle change work, for a number of reasons.

I am a self-taught cook/chef, who grew up with a family of foodies, who were always experimenting in the kitchen and trading top secret recipes which were passed through the generations. Any occasion called for a celebration of food! I grew up learning to cook Indian cuisine but also learnt to love Greek, Asian and Italian cuisines… who can resist pitas, wraps, pizzas, pastas, noodles, etc.?! As a lacto-vegetarian, I am always trying out new ways to keep my meals and desserts egg-free. I’ve also found that many recipes are free of any animal products (vegan) or can be made so really easily!

I have a Master’s degree in Genetics and I’ve taken my passion for research and innovation from the lab to the kitchen! I love using only raw, fresh ingredients to prepare my food and try my best to stay away from products that have tons of unpronounceable additives, preservatives, artificial flavours and colourants. I believe that our bodies can be nourished easily through simple, easy-to-prepare, home-cooked meals and I am so excited to share my ideas with you!

Hope you have fun trying out the recipes and please feel free to let me know how your cooking adventures go. I encourage you to experiment with the actual recipes as well, because I myself never follow recipes 100% - I do what works for me! You may even end up improving the recipes, so happy experimenting! Feel free to connect with me by e-mail or through social media.